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Lol tbt

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y’all are trippin lol

go drew I’m ready to hear your solo music, you do you boo

okay but like why is nobody talking about the fact that drew is making a solo album like I’m actually really excited for that. I’ve always loved his originals and his solos in the e3 songs, and this may be an unpopular opinion but I’m kinda happy for drew and really looking forward to what he puts out next. 

i guess this blog kinda gives it away but I’ve always just cared way more about drew than the other two so it actually doesn’t bother me at all that he left lol.

i went to their concert just to see him, i have his originals Stranger, Something Else, Where We At Now, Black and White, etc. in a playlist and I’ve been soooo ready to hear more of his original stuff. 

um what the fuck did i miss

holy shit you guys

who’s happy af right now ???!?!!